Jean Monnet, 25 Februari, 12.00
Capacity Building, 10 Februari, 12.00
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, 18 Februari, 12.00
Knowledge Alliances, 26 February, 12.00, kl. 12.00

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Call for Proposal: MEDIA & Access to Markets 2016


The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media to find markets beyond national and European borders; it funds training and film development schemes. Link to Call

Access to markets

  • To facilitate Business to Business exchange
  • To improve the European/International dimension and effectiveness of existing large industry markets and to increase the systemic impact of smaller initiatives
  • To increase visibility of professional and audio-visual works from EU countries with a low production capacity
  • To increase the number of EU co-productions and the diversification of talents and sources of financing
  • To improve the competitiveness and circulation of EU audio-visual works on international markets.

Link to Call

Call for Proposal – Key Action 1 – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees 2016

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) build on the success of Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses (EMMCs) and aim to:

  • Foster excellence, innovation, and internationalisation in Higher Education Institutions
  • Boost the attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and support the EU’s external action in the field of higher education
  • Improve the level of competences and skills of Master graduates, and their employability

Deadline 18/02/2016 – 12:00 (CET/CEST, Brussels time)

Link to Call

Call for proposal: Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education

The deadline for Applications for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education EAC/A04/2015 is on 10 February 2016.

Erasmus+: Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education’ build on the success of the former Alfa, Edu-link and Tempus programmes and aim to:

  • Support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in the Partner Countries;
  • Promote cooperation between Programme Countries and eligible Partner Countries (as well as among eligible Partner Countries themselves);
  • Promote voluntary convergence with EU developments in higher education;
  • Promote people-to-people contacts, intercultural awareness and understanding.

Link to Call

The 2016 Erasmus+

The 2016 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals, Programme Guide, and Annual Work Programme have been published

The 2016 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals (EAC/A04/2015) was published in the EU’s Official Journal on 20 October. At the same time the 2016 version of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide was released.

Submission deadlines for applications under the three Erasmus+ Key Actions, Jean Monnet, and Sport, as well as further Call relevant information are provided in the OJ Call notice. Nota bene: a corrigendum has been published related to the submission deadlines for Key Action 2 ‘Strategic Partnerships’. The 2016 Programme Guide with action-specific information and details on the selection process and award criteria is an integral part of the Call and is accessible on the Commission website.

Please also note that the Commission’s 2016 annual work programme for the implementation of Erasmus+ was published in September 2015 and is accessible on the Commission website.